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C4 corvette project car

To deal with major health issues is no easy thing, but to deal with the psychological disappointment when forced to part with something that has been held so dear to the heart just makes it worse. This Corvette is just such an example. This Corvette has reportedly been sitting indoors for decades now. According to the seller, the frame is rock solid. The birdcage is also solid but has been filled in places. The seller also states that the body will need to be properly sanded.

The t-top is also said to be in excellent condition, along with all glass. This is especially true because this car was originally red with a tan interior which is an attractive combination. This is the engine for this project. The original was blown in and was replaced by this one.

While the car has been dismantled the engine has been given a rebuild a few years ago. The seller states that everything to complete the car is present which will include the manual transmission. The seller has all of the original interior trim. The seller provides very few shots of the interior components, but what photos are provided indicating that the new owner faces a fair amount of cleaning before they re-assemble the interior.

For me, this project has some positive aspects, but there are also a few negatives to deal with. This is the chance for someone to buy a project car and have the satisfaction of standing back and admiring their handiwork once it is completed. I would be willing to bet that if this is a typical project car, then the new owner is sure to discover that all sorts of irritating but essential little screws, bolts and clips will be missing, and their absence will cause frustrating little delays in the restoration.

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That is truly a sad situation. Other than a restoration shop that has done a lot of these model Corvettes, I think the average individual would be up the creek without a paddle so to speak when trying to reassemble the interior of this unless the Seller tagged and bagged virtually everything and took a lot of pictures during the disassembly process that could be forwarded to the next owner.

The first one I was expecting the worst. That one was missing all the screws and fasteners.

Project ‘Vette: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Solid Project Car

After ordering those and a manual, it was much less challenging than I had anticipated. I remember seeing Peter Klute Legendary Motor Cars on TV saying there are almost always parts missing on disassembled project cars despite what the seller says. You should have kept quiet RoughDiamond, I did not notice a thing.

Abandoned Corvette C4 Runs Again! Making a Scrapyard Corvette Daily Drive-able

I know this is not as good as being there to tear it down, but these A. M books realy can help. Appears to be a misguided disassembly of the worst order. Too me, I see parts for other, better organzed restorations. Most importantly, Best wishes to the seller for better health. Rewarding but lots of work and money and time. Best of luck to who ever goes for it. Corvette, yes. Project, yes.

There is no part of this car that speaks 18K miles on it. That is the only upside I see on this one. Sad but true. Seller says birdcage is solid but has been filled.A long time ago, in a magazine far, far away, we built a Corvette project car designed to incorporate a state-of-the-art powertrain with a C4 chassis. It came to be known as Project C4orce, and it progressed with little more than standard project-car delays and frustrations.

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To a point. Then Mr. Murphy and his law "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" stepped in with a vengeance. Suffice it to say, once "Darth Murphy" appeared, "The Force" was definitely not with us. I'll spare you all the gory details that led to one delay after another, and move on to the final chapter, after a brief recap.

Project C4orce Wrap-Up - The Final Chapter

It's certainly possible to do that-if you're not trying to serve the dual masters of project completion and editorial coverage. Obviously, anyone attempting to duplicate our project will have to address issues unique to the vehicle with which they're working.

In attempting to cover as many of these issues as we could, it appeared that our budget was spinning out of control. In fact it wasn't, because many of the modifications we made were not required by our particular project vehicle; we included them because it was reasonable to expect that they would be required on other C4 project candidates.

As can be seen in the accompanying photos, Project C4orce was ultimately "dressed" with a unique paint scheme designed by Murray Pfaff of Pfaff Designs in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Interior upgrades include unique C4orce leather upholstery and plush carpeting by Mid America Motorworks, along with an analog instrument panel from VettAid. Beneath Project C4orce's hood is a 5. Our initial decision to use this mill, as opposed to an LS1 or LS2, was prompted by economics. Some readers criticized this choice as being a step backward because we were replacing a 5. The point that these readers missed is that if we had made no modifications at all to the 5.

With surprisingly few modifications, 5. But before a "truck" engine can be installed in a C4 chassis, a few changes have to be made. On the top side, the relatively tall truck intake manifold and high-mounted accessories will poke large, ugly holes in the hood, should you attempt to close it.

On the lower end, truck-style oil pans are much too deep for a Corvette's low stance. That's precisely what we did. This system, which is also available for L and LT1-powered C4s, is a true dual system that extends from the header collectors to the mufflers.

This arrangement allows virtually any muffler originally designed for a C4 to be used. We added a pair of stainless steel mufflers that provided a deep tone and aggressive sound.

c4 corvette project car

One of the primary modifications made to increase power output is a custom C4orce camshaft ground by Comp Cams.

We were more interested in mid-range than top-end power, so we kept duration rather conservative. Rated at 0. While those specifications might seem extremely mild, the engine's response proved that they're nearly ideal. Low-speed and mid-range driveability are excellent, and there's just enough lope at idle to draw admiring glances from anyone who hears the exhaust. Additional breathing enhancements are derived from the original 5. Owing to the budget constraints of the project, Incaudo elected to do a mild port clean-up and precision valve job rather than a full CNC port modification.

After installing the modified heads, we added an LS6 intake manifold, which we fortunately had left over from another project.

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While an LS6 intake manifold is preferable for any performance-oriented engine, it's certainly not essential.The C4 Chevrolet Corvette was the fourth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car produced by General Motors from through The C4 Corvette represented a new generation of Corvette with a new chassis and sleeker, more modern styling.

The C4 did not use separate body-on-frame construction like its predecessors. Instead, it used a uniframe which consisted of a traditional perimeter frame with the door posts, windshield frame, halo and the rear portion of the floor pan integrated into one welded assembly.

It was also the first generation to make a break from fiberglass panels with the introduction of rear bumpers and panels made from molding plastics.

The C4 coupe was the first general production Corvette to have a glass hatchback for better storage access. The C4 Corvette came standard with an electronic dashboard which featured a digital liquid crystal display dash. Since emissions regulations were still changing and electronic engine management was in its infancy, horsepower was low. Therefore, the primary design emphasis for this generation was focused on handling and braking.

Examples of restorative consequences

As technology progressed, it was replaced by a modern ZF 6-speed manual transmission. However, the C4 performance was hampered by its L98 hp engine. InChevrolet released the second-generation Chevy small block, the hp LT1. Infurther advancements were made and the hp LT4 was introduced in all six-speed manual transmission cars. The LT4 produced maximum horsepower at 5, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm.

To begin browsing our online catalog, select a year below. Parts will automatically be filtered down based on the year you choose. C4 Used Power Brake Booster C4 Used Parking Brake Lever C4 Used Engine Exhaust Manifold This assembly is a good, used Instrument Panel Center Air Outlet which will can be installed on a to Corvette.

C4 Corvette Parts. Popular C4 Corvette Parts. Quick View. Select options. Request A Part.Original motor and transmission with interior mostly intact. This is a project vehicle but well worth the effort. Contact us today for details. If you have any questions about this or There are quite a few reasons why we sell so many top-notch Corvettes. For starters, the Corvette is, in many enthusiasts' minds, the quintessential American classic.

Given the marque's big production numbers, they're pretty easy Restored to such quality you'd understand if it sat underneath a protective layer of cellophane, this Chevrolet Corvette convertible will afford some discriminating classic car aficionado the unique chance to own one of Chevy's Think you've already seen the best restomods around?

Thank again. This Chevrolet Corvette is a pro-touring machine that keeps the iconic C2 silhouette, but it has the modern LT4 engine.

c4 corvette project car

Plus, take the time to look over the custom I have for sale a Chevy Corvette - with a V8 engine and a 4 speed transmission great classic project. This car is loaded with available options for the year. Car has a rusted frame at left dog leg Owner Is Motivated! All Offers W We have over 6, cars in stock at any time, if you are Like fashion, the collector car market is cyclical. But, like fashion staples, there are some cars that never go out of style. For instance, you just can't go wrong with a comfortable pair of jeans.

And likewise, you'll always be Frame- Off Restored, Corvette Roadster in correct colors, recent restoration. Check out the undercarrige.

c4 corvette project car

This is the most desirable first generation year, in bright polo white paint, new gorgeous flame red interior and newer Equipped with a Small Block 8-Cylinder Gas and Brand new Chevrolet Corvette Rally Wheels and Sort By. Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first.

Classic corvette project cars - Used Cars. Sort by Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first.The Chevrolet Corvette C4 is a sports car produced by American automobile manufacturer Chevrolet from to The last C4 was produced on June 20, The C4 Corvette represented a clean break from the Zora Arkus-Duntov -designed C3with a completely new chassis and sleeker, more modern but still evolutionary styling.

It was the work of a team under chief Corvette designer Dave McLellanwho'd taken over from Duntov in In a departure from the fiberglass panels of its forebearers, the C4's rear bumpers and panels were made from molding plastics, a sheet molding compound.

The roof panel made from fiberglass or optionally from clear acrylic was removable. The Corvette C4 came standard with an electronic dashboard with a digital liquid crystal display instrument cluster.

It displayed a combination of graphics and digital for speed and RPM, graphics for fuel level, and digital displays for other important engine functions. Since emissions regulations were still changing and electronic engine management was in its infancy, engine power output was low compared to earlier generations. The primary design emphasis at launch was therefore focused on handling and braking, with an all-independent light-weight suspension and wheels and all new brakes with aluminum calipers.

Spring rates were sequentially softened for the model. The C4 did not use separate body-on-frame construction like its predecessors. Instead, it used what GM termed a "uniframe", which consisted of a traditional perimeter frame, with the door posts, windshield frame, halo U-shaped frame overhead behind seats and the rear portion of the floor pan integrated into one welded assembly.

This was not a unibody assembly, as none of the exterior body panels were structural members. Due to a styling decision to use a targa top instead of T-topsthere was no structural member tying the windshield frame to the halo as on the C3. This required extremely tall side rails on the frame to maintain chassis rigidity, and as a result, the door sills were quite deep, with entry and exit likened by contemporary auto journals to a "fall in and climb out" experience.

The targa top bolted into place, becoming a structural component, rather than simply latching on like T-tops. This unusual transmission was a synergy that allowed the Corvette to keep a stout 4 speed, but add an overdrive. As technology progressed, it was replaced by a modern ZF 6-speed manual transmission.

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The Corvette saw the reintroduction of the convertible and was named as the Pace Car for the Indianapolis Being early in the rollout of this new technology, there were only 15 different resistance values available. Once thieves discovered this weakness, it markedly reduced the value of this early system.

c4 corvette project car

None were made available to the public as official production vehicles. It was displayed above the factory entrance for years until it was restored and is now displayed in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The model delay was due to problems with parts supplier quality issues and production line changeover issues. GM decided to cancel the production year model and started the model year Corvettes early.

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Regular model year production began on January 3, and delivery to customers began in March The models were produced for 17 months. General Motors acquired Group Lotusa UK based engineering consultant and performance car manufacturing firm, during The Corvette division approached Lotus with the idea of developing the world's fastest production car, to be based on the C4 generation of the Corvette.Original engine, 4 speed, excellent frame, low miles.

Was taken apart for repaint. Parts are boxed Hi Folks, I looking to sell my slightly modified Corvette. I bought the car locally from a classic collector a few years ago. He stated General Motors Motorama Dream Car. Good read guys! Here is one of my project cars I never really had the time to work on even though I would of loved doing a complete re-mod on This was a father and son restoration project car for the past owner that I recently found up in the Car purchased from A true Corvette.

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Not a kit car. This is a fresh build Link to additional detailed photos available upon request. This Corvette is one of 35 ever made and is in great condition.

Last year of the C3! Original one owner car, always garaged and meticulously Very desirable factory Riverside Red with standard Red Interior. Original Black car with a Red Interior.

Main frame rails are solid and frame looks straight. All glass in g. Outstanding sports car performance of the era, given it lightweight design and Chevrolet Numbers matching, very nice project car.

Vehicle is onconsignment and Automatic tranny was alsorebuilt Runs and drives beautifully. A very correct early Mid-Year Corvette If you've been looking for a nice bagged high end patina truck this is it. The body was pulled off frame and the project This is a truly rare C5 Corvette that will be a great addition to any Corvette collector.Advanced Search. Ferrari - New York, New York - A recreation of the timeless classic daytona spyder by therowlet gtc corvette Is mounted on a completely c3 corvette chassis corvette frame.

I purchased Chevrolet Corvette - Sarasota, Florida - - 65, miles. Indicates this corvette convertible is one ofmaybe ten l71 hp convertiblesordered in with all theoptions listed on its build sheet.

LSX Magazine - The Late Model GM Magazine for Camaro

Yes it is included Similar: Chevrolet corvette sarasota. Chevrolet Camaro - Burlington, Iowa - For sale is my camaro z28 rs. Fathom green with rare parchment Similar: Chevrolet camaro burlington. Chevrolet Corvette - Cadillac, Michigan - Similar: Chevrolet corvette cadillac.

Chevrolet Corvette - Dothan, Alabama - - 32, miles. Up for sale is a chevrolet corvette convertible. This is a beautiful Therefore this auction may end at anytime chevrolet corvette convertible Similar: Chevrolet corvette dothan. Chevrolet Corvette - Silverthorne, Colorado - - 72, miles. This corvette from galles-groesbeeck chevrolet in albuquerque, nm Similar: Chevrolet corvette silverthorne.

Chevrolet Corvette - Covington, Louisiana - - 62, miles. Chevrolet corvette. Condition is pre-owned. I have owned the car sincei did a frame off restoration in I have re-painted the car recently

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