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Garu loves pucca episode

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But he's just one of thoes guys that don't like to express their feelings, and the fact that Pucca is constantly expressing her feelings gets him a little nerveous. I'm a psychology major by the way. I analize things for a living. Analasis may or may not be right but it's what I believe. What does it say about me? He doesnt know he likes her yet. From a bunch of episodes Ive seen so far I dont think so.

Pucca love recipe garu and tobe switch!!!

He cares for her well being bday episode but thats it. He's too young lmao. If he does like her he wouldn't avoid her and struggle to get away when she smushes him. C'mon peoples. Sometimes he doesn't struggle because he knows he can't escape. Therefore, he tries to avoid. But I think Garu has feelings for Pucca.

And, like FrankiChick said before, since Garu is such a self-deciplined ninja, he isn't really the type to express or talk about his feelings. And he gets really nervous around Pucca because Pucca never hesitates to express her feelings for him.

But I'm very sure that Garu's mind is just riddling with thoughs of Pucca on the inside. Of course he des i read his diary or journal whatever works. You wanna know the fact huh??

But wait, are we talking the tv series, or the flash episodes? Because the flash episodes would say that yes, he does like her, and they are totally an actual couple, where the tv episodes are a bit iffy. Yes he does try to run away all the time, but there are times in the show where he does show that maybe he does. In one episode, he does blow her a kiss, but it's only to stop her crying. Then, in another episode, he gets all mad, and gets into a fight with Tobe for calling Pucca stupid.

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Plus, I read in the question area of yahoo, that there was an episode where Garu smiles after Pucca kisses him.Faced with a threat to the survival of her family restaurant, as well as a rival for Garu's heart, Pucca fights for all that she loves. Call Netflix Netflix. Watch all you want. Episodes Pucca: Love Recipe. Season 1.

He Loves Me Not

Release year: The Sooga Island Cooking Competition 24m. Spring Mushrooms 24m. The Goh-Rong Taste 24m. Garu The Robot 24m.

Secret Of Dandy 24m.

garu loves pucca episode

Garu And Tobe Switch!! The Table Ghost 24m. Goh-Rong's Special Guests 24m. The Cat Bandits 24m. The Beauty Competition 24m.

The Punching Bag Fairy 24m. The Batter Master 24m. Food Triathlon 24m. Abyo's Diet 24m. Garu The Movie Star 24m. The Chefs' Vacation 24m. Plunger Soda 24m. Super Banana Donut 24m. The Basketball Competition 25m. The Alien Prince In Love 24m. The Dong King Mascot 24m. The Goblin Cape 24m.

Winter In Sooga Island 25m. The Dragon Tail 25m. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download.Pucca and Garu's relationship is one of the main focuses of the series both the Flash series and the TV series. Considering that Garu is only 13 years old, he may not even recognize his already existing, maybe growing, feelings for her.

Although Garu is usually shown running away from Pucca, there have been instances when they have worked together:. It is important to note that in Pucca:Love Recipe Season 3Garu has a new occupation as an ingredient delivery boy for the Goh-Rong Chefs, meaning that he hangs around Goh-Rong and Pucca much more often.

Pucca is a very strong willed girl who, more often than not, gets what she wants and there is only one thing that she wants more than anything in the whole world and that's to kiss her ninja 'Boyfriend'.

She is shown not to however only care for this as in Feud Fight after becoming saddened by her uncles fighting and the sorrow of the town she completely ignores Garu, much to his delight. In the series, Pucca is shown to have almost superhuman abilities such as strength and speed and her rage can be so great at times that it will even begin to effect the weather. Although she has all these abilities, she hardly ever uses them to her advantage in capturing Garu.

Although it is no secret that Pucca has an endless affection for Garu, she has on one account almost let him go.

She even sits at their wedding and watches unhappily as the man she loves so dearly is getting married to another woman, which shows that if Garu really wanted another woman in his life she would let him, no matter how sad or angry it would make her.

It isn't until the real Garu shows dislike for the idea that she acts. Garu rarely returns any form of affection that he always tries to escape Pucca's attempts to kiss him, much to Pucca's frustration. It is possible that Garu does like Pucca back since he frequently spends time with her, but it is no secret that he does enjoy his time alone since Pucca loves to be around him almost any chance she gets.

However, in the original flash series, Garu is seen showing more affection towards Pucca and they are more explicitly displayed as a couple. In The RingGaru melts down his sword that means a lot to him to make a ring for Pucca that she throws away, much to his horror. In Flower DeliveryGaru, with the help of his cattrain and preform a mission to leave a flower on Pucca's windowsill. In Noodle Around The Worldwhen Pucca realizes Tobe is trying to sabotage Garu, she goes around the world to stop each of his schemes.

If it wasn't for Pucca searching for the pink-bellied crane feather that Garu needed to get rid of the Cursed TieGaru would still probably be dealing with his unlucky streak. In Slam, Bam Birthday BashGaru helps everyone to decorate the Goh-Rong restaurant for Pucca's surprise party and is tasked with the job of distracting Pucca so the others can finish.

As you see in the photo he attempts to comfort her. Which shows he cares for her. As he did seem upset and worried when she cried and ran off.It first aired June 19, In order to have "everything," Ring Ring dates Garu in an attempt to crush Pucca 's spirits. Garu is buying bait for a fishing trip he plans to make and rolls his eyes at the arrival of Pucca. Close by, Ring Ring calls on Ching to admire her new accessories and her new robot servant, stating she is now the girl who has everything.

Ching, however, points out that Ring Ring does not have a boyfriend, motioning towards Pucca who is just jumped on Garu, much to his aggravation. Ring Ring considers this and, with a sneaky expression, agrees with Ching. Meanwhile, Garu escapes Pucca and takes off in a boat out on the water. Pucca sighs lovingly. Sometime later, Abyo and Ching both spot Garu giving flowers to Ring Ring as she agrees to go out with him. Distressed over what Pucca's reaction may be, they try to distract her when she passes by but she pushes them away and is horrified when she sees Garu and Ring Ring kissing.

Pucca's heart is shattered. At Ching's house, Ching tries to calm her friend down, but Pucca is distraught with a tiny raincloud hovering over her head.

The phone rings and Pucca pickss it up, hearing an automated voice gloating to her about Ring Ring and Garu's love. Angry, she rips the phone cord out of the wall to reveal Ring Ring's robot on the other side who she savagely beats in retaliation.

Later, a gloomy Pucca walks through town and is approached by Ring Ring and Garu who inforsm her that the ninja boy has something for her. He presents her with a candy box and Pucca happily accepts only to find it empty. Ring Ring gloats that it is empty, just like his feelings for her.

The storm cloud over her grows as she runs off weeping.

Pucca: Love Recipe

Ring Ring continues to mock her and laughs. Ching, looking for Pucca, approaches Santa about the girl's whereabouts. He informs her that, after failing to lighten the girl's mood, he put her to work using her flood of tears to turn his waterwheel, powering his Christmas lights.

The girls into an unaccompanied Ring Ring and she informs them that Garu went shopping for her. He then appears beside her and, to the girls' shock and horror, he pulls out a ring to propose to her and Ring Ring agrees to marry him so she will not be lonely like Pucca.

garu loves pucca episode

The couple runs off to get ready while Ching notices Pucca's dark clouds have begun blocking out the sun. At the Goh-Rong the chefs also notice the incoming lighting storm and realize its Pucca's emotions that are changing the weather. They wonder who could possibly stop these events while out on the water, someone is rowing a boat towards shore. At Ring Ring's wedding, the storm is growing more dangerous by the moment.

Pucca insists on watching the ceremony despite Ching suggesting otherwise. Master Soothe minster of the marriage, asks Garu if he will take Ring Ring as his wife. He nods, but someone else grunts a disproving noise and is revealed to be another Garu, holding a fishing pole. Everyone is confused by this until the second Garu leaps on stage and removes the other one's mask, revealing him to be Dada in disguise.Garu has long hair that he keeps tied up in pigtails, round dark-colored eyes and straight eyebrows.

He is said to be quite attractive as several other female characters have either been in love or infatuated with him like:. Garu is a dedicated ninja in training who has a very serious nature and he enjoys his own company. Garu's sense of honor can also be seen in Dong King vs. Goh Rong Part 1 and Dong King vs. Goh Rong Part 2. When Dong King makes him believe that he's his son in Part 1, he unwillingly works alongside him to help him win, in disguise.

When it is revealed Dong King's helper is Garu himself, he is filled with such guilt for betraying the Goh Rong chefs that he runs away. In Part 2, when Pucca, Abyo, and Ching try to bring him back, the guilt is too much to bear in the beginning.

But during the second competition, he comes back to help the three win Goh-Rong back to redeem himself. Garu also tends to like animals and insects such as in Chicken Spots where he smiled and held a cricket. Although he has learned powerful techniques such as alter egoism and martial arts through tremendous training, it is more embarrassing to use most of these techniques to avoid Pucca's Kiss Serenity, rather than dislike the reality, Pucca's tumultuous affectionate offensive.

Garu's house has been revealed in House of Doom to carry booby traps and other mechanical objects with the traps and objects that are either activated automatically when certain items in the house are removed or touched in any way.

Garu does not regularly speak in most animated media. In Secret Santa Garu at one point in the episode was about to read aloud to Tobe disguised as Santa at the time his list of things he wanted for Christmas, but Tobe cut him off as he triggered the trap he set for Garu.

He also cries and screams in pain from breaking his leg in A Leg Up. Garu is a ninja who has displayed advanced swordsmanship and an incredible grasp on ninjutsu. He has inhuman endurance i. He has earned himself the "Fire Wasp Ninja" status with his combat skill level. Some of Garu's techniques are based on Master Hiel Kikyu 's skills, who is a martial artist that Garu greatly admires. See: Pucca and Garu's Relationship.

Garu rarely returns any feelings for Pucca as it is obviously noted that Garu will always attempt to escape from Pucca's kisses or her being clingy, much to her frustration. However, in most episodes, when Garu isn't being chased by Pucca, he is seen frequently spending some time with her even without Pucca forcing him to, Garu shares some love-hate relationship with Pucca.

Although, it is unknown if Garu has genuine feelings for Pucca, but he is just shy to admit it and there are times he does genuinely appreciate Pucca's skills in fighting, but it can be Garu sees her as just a friend.

He is embarrassed by Pucca being clingy or if he just wants to have time alone, but Pucca will always come at him every chance she gets. Despite all the embarrassment and clinginess, Garu is shown several times to care about Pucca's feelings and ultimately does not like seeing her crying when it is really serious.

In Pucca: Love Recipethere are times Garu doesn't attempt to run away from Pucca when she kisses him and in one episode he willing kisses her albeit in order to help her restore her memories. In a few instances it is hinted that he may or may not like her back although it is purely speculation from the given hints and never outright stated. Garu like everyone else doesn't like seeing her mad as shown in A Force of Won after Tobe accidentally destroyed the Garu doll that Pucca is playing with, Garu and the ninja he is fighting drop the fight and ran as far as possible from her knowing what her anger is capable of.

Abyo is Garu's best friend who more often than not irritates Garu is always sparring with the ninja whenever he is given the opportunity. Although Garu is his superior in fighting, Abyo is constantly challenging him. Garu's good friend. He respects her sword abilities and gets along with her quite well. She does, however, often support Pucca's pursuits of him, much to his chagrin. Garu spars with Tobe much more intensely than with other people, indicating that Garu considers Tobe to be a much more serious opponent.

It is interesting to note that they got along insanely well when they were stuck together in Stuck on Goohaving empathy for each other's hardships and implying that their fundamental personalities click quite well. Garu is shown to greatly fear Ring Ring that he will challenge her on something almost to immediately back down on it.

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Pucca and Garu's Relationship

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garu loves pucca episode

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garu loves pucca episode

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