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The team that built Atlantic Gold, led by former Teck Cominco CEO Steven Dean, will then spin out a new exploration and development company, whose immediate focus will be a new gold project in Bulgaria. With the backing of investors like Rick Rule, president of Sprott U. Holdings, and Vancouver real estate developer Ryan Beedie, president of Beedie, Dean reorganized a company called Spur Ventures, which was in the phosphate mining and fertilizer business.

They sold off its phosphate business in China, changed the name to Atlantic Gold and acquired and consolidated four gold properties in Nova Scotia. In less than five years, Atlantic Gold had built its first mine. With a While he had dabbled in junior mining companies before, Atlantic Gold was his first real foray into the mining business as a major shareholder. He not only liked the idea of a low-cost mine being built in Canada, in a region that needs the jobs, but also has personally known Dean for 20 years and therefore knew his track record for getting mines built.

Nova Scotia was one of the first Canadian provinces to experience a gold rush. But until recently, there had been no gold production there since the mids. Historically, gold was mined in Nova Scotia in narrow-vein deposits with high concentrations of gold. He did precisely that. It produces 90, ounces of gold per year and employs miners. A second phase would boost gold production toounces per year. The Atlantic team is already positioned to spin out a new company, Artemus Gold.

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Atlantic, through a subsidiary, recently took a Velocity has three exploration projects in Bulgaria, which, like Nova Scotia, has been underexplored. View comments. By Nelson Bennett July 9, Atlantic Gold Corp. Chung Chow.Built For Good is our social responsibility promise.

We collaborate with community partners to create opportunities, and we share our success by giving back. From corporate giving to volunteering, everyone at Beedie cares for the communities where we work and live. It is a social-profit enterprise designed to help remove barriers to education for students who face financial adversity, and to support their long-term success.

An essential function of our business is working to enhance the well-being of those who live and work in the communities we develop.

ryan beedie

Everything we do helps others. We promote the welfare of communities through contributions of funds, time and initiatives. Along with developing important projects that build community, we also have The Beedie Foundation, which contributes to non-profit organizations aligned with our values.

Beneficiaries include organizations supporting health, education and safety-based projects, both locally and around the world. We help communities thrive. Beedie Cares is a companywide, employee-driven volunteer program with a mandate to support children, seniors and families in our communities. Beedie employees support local non-profit organizations that strengthen the communities where we work, play and live.

We offer support through fundraising initiatives to donating time and targeted giving. From the activities and movie screening to the wonderful holiday feast, all is planned with the families in mind. We Are Built For Good. Positively Influencing Communities. Creating Opportunities for People to Thrive. Social Responsibility Built For Good is our social responsibility promise. Learn More. Beedie Giving An essential function of our business is working to enhance the well-being of those who live and work in the communities we develop.

See All Beneficiaries. BC Childrens. St Pauls.

Our Built for Good Philosophy

Covenant House. Lions Gate. Boys and Girls Club. Street to Home. Hide beneficiaries. Beedie Cares Beedie Cares is a companywide, employee-driven volunteer program with a mandate to support children, seniors and families in our communities.The first five students to receive the new Ryan Beedie Leadership Awards have been named.

Each of the recipients has demonstrated leadership through remarkable achievements, both academic and extracurricular, prior to joining the Beedie School of Business. She achieved all this while maintaining excellent academic results; she was a Gold Cord Honour Roll recipient upon graduation from high school, recognizing that she maintained Honour Roll standing for each term of grades 10, 11, and Most of all, being a Ryan Beedie Scholar is a huge honor that will allow me to pursue my goals freely, and for that I am immensely grateful.

These new awards are designed to recognize leadership potential in students and will hopefully inspire youth to get involved in their communities. Please be patient if you find any bugs!

B.C. developer Ryan Beedie launches scholarship foundation, pledges $50 million to start

We're in the process of moving this section to our new website. Events No upcoming events. Tags alumni entrepreneurship experiential learning innovation leadership MBA research sustainability technology undergraduate.Education can offer life-changing opportunities, but every year, too many bright, driven students from disadvantaged backgrounds make the decision not to pursue post-secondary education because they can't afford it.

We're here to help. Martina is a social-profit leader with over twenty years of experience in strategic fundraising, business development, operations management, marketing, governance, and special events. Martina was instrumental in launching the Vancouver Police Cadets, an award-winning youth program that continues to change the lives of hundreds of aspiring high school students from challenging backgrounds.

She sees her role as a unique opportunity to pay it forward and inspire others to achieve their dreams. Ryan Beedie oversees one of the most successful industrial and residential property development companies in Western Canada. Ryan joined the company in and became President in Bythe company had diversified activities while exemplifying its community-driven principle, Built For Good.

It furthers his belief that you have a responsibility to give back to the community where you live and work. He resides in Vancouver and shares his love of music with his wife Cindy and their three children. Our partners share our belief that promising students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds deserve a chance to fulfill their potential.

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Together, we can do more than any of us could accomplish alone. We're empowering luminaries. I was given the opportunity to do so by request.

What program will. What program will you be taking in post-secondary and why does it interest you? Biomedical Physiology. Why did you decide to become a mentor with Beedie. Why did you decide to become a mentor with Beedie Luminaries? I support the program and I enjoy mentoring. What was the best advice you.Ryan Beedie is developing real estate for the Vancouver of tomorrow—or trying to.

He moves from one side to the other like an energetic teacher, pointing at one and then another of the orange rectangles scattered across the map. This is the billion-dollar Beedie empire, one that has crept in recent years into the heart of Vancouver, popping up in some surprising places. Beedie knows the purchase price, the current value, the future of many of these pieces of land, reeling off the numbers in his words-tumbling-over-each-other way, the style of a guy whose IQ tested at and whose school years were marked by hyperactivity.

The Beedie Development Grouponce an exclusively industrial operation, has entered the high-stakes world of condo building. The company made plans to develop a new Coquitlam neighbourhood of 8, people along the river and two towers near the new Evergreen line, also in Coquitlam. The company is also into its second year of negotiations over a condo tower in Chinatown, a historic neighbourhood fraught with peril for outsiders bearing plans for change.

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That has provided some tough lessons, lessons that have made Beedie slow down and rethink. Cities love us. That will affect what he does with key properties his company owns around the city. The business that became Beedie Development Group Beedie Industrial, Beedie Living, and Beedie Capital Partners started 70 years ago, when Keith Beedie, after dropping out of school in Grade 11 and starting a woodworking business, built his first house in Marpole in Keith turned his operation into one of the biggest local players in industrial development by the time Ryan started working for the company at age His second wife wants to have a kid, okay, there you go.

Ryan scrambled to get his MBA in his early 20s because he could see he was going to be needed.

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I was a little bit worried about his health. Every major step has been discussed with his dad or been about his dad. But his dad, who was a huge Canucks fan, was all for it after further investigation, so was Ryan. His dad resisted moving the office from its longtime Kingsway location to the newer building near Canada Way and Gilmore. One of the things Keith loves doing in that new office is watching, on his computer screen, the buildings go up at Station Square in Burnaby, a five-tower redevelopment that Ryan undertook with business partner Anthem Properties.

The massive Coquitlam project is being re-worked. The provincial government—the Liberals whom he has always supported—decided on a different route. Investors, who account for a significant portion of sales, want units near transit that are rentable. The Crown tower next to the new Evergreen line is going ahead, but Beedie was startled by the vehement public opposition. He was also taken aback by the fierce objections to the condo tower the group planned for Chinatown, which became the target of pent-up frustration over the rapid pace of change throughout the neighbourhood.

He sounds cautious about taking on anything new.

SFU Ryan Beedie Appreciation Video 2015 (Short version)

The Kingsgate Mall? A sign of the times: Beedie became one of the first developers in a long time who chose to put a commercial building, Mountain Equipment Co-op, on a valuable piece of close-to-downtown property recently.

Condos were an option on that piece of land at Quebec and Second.

ryan beedie

But Beedie decided instead to build for a company whose values he liked. As for future possibilities? If the price is right. Too many developers are chasing too few sites in this town right now, he says.

By Frances Bula. Share Tweet Share Pin.Ryan's Audi horsepower R8 leaps from zero to 60 mph in 3. Ten stalls down is father Keith's silver Mercedes SL, which has rarely broken the speed limit. For years, the two former SFU classmates had been getting together to catch up on their respective worlds of business and politics. But this lunch had taken on a different hue, thanks to the surprise resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell the morning of November 3, Falcon was seriously considering a run but was unsure what Carole Taylor was doing.

At the time, Falcon was a few years older than most of the other students. He seemed more confident and mature. When Falcon spoke in class, Beedie was struck by how articulate and intelligent he was. The two would soon become friends and Beedie would discover that they shared an admiration for the great conservative standard-bearers of the day: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

I remember she was running for a spot on council and she came into our political science class before it began. It was in a lecture hall and there might have been students in it. She came in, gave her stump speech, and left.

And she absolutely nailed it. That was impressive. That is not an easy thing to do. She was a lot of fun too. Few could have imagined at the time that 25 years later, politics would bring the three SFU undergrads together again. When lunch concluded, the two friends sealed their agreement with a handshake. On Tuesday, Nov. The next month, Beedie was holding fundraising dinners at his West Vancouver home.Beedie Luminaries aims to remove barriers to higher education for students who might otherwise struggle to afford post-secondary schooling.

The foundation will award its first grants in May to 50 students from across the Lower Mainland. Students will also benefit from working with a support network of mentors, community leaders and corporate partners through the grant program. The first cohort will be announced in early May. Beedie is the president of the Beedie Group, a property development company launched by his father, Keith, who died last year. He attended Simon Fraser University. This website uses cookies to personalize your content including adsand allows us to analyze our traffic.

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ryan beedie

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